Tales of the Northwoods

Tales of the Northwoods: Echoes From Rhinelander's Past, 2002

Gangsters, hoboes, sports heroes, presidents, presidential hopefuls and Rhinelander Beer . . .

A small town in Northern Wisconsin wouldn't normally be home to such colorful characters, but Rhinelander has seen them all. From the semi-pro champion Rhinelander Green Sox to Rhinelander Beer and the hobo jungle of the Great Depression, these have all been a part of Northern Wisconsin's rich history.

Richly illustrated with rare photographs, Tales of the Northwoods details intriguing aspects of Northern Wisconsin’s past. Miazga recounts John Dillinger’s Wisconsin exploits, presidential campaign stops and vacations, the rich heritage of Rhinelander baseball, John Kotz and the popularization of the one-hand basketball push shot, the reality of Rhinelander’s depression-era hobo jungle, and the history of the Rhinelander Brewery.

These stories bring to life the unique past of the Northwoods and illuminate its ties to state and national history.

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