KortYards Lawncare is a father-son lawncare business that Kurt and Max Kortenhof began on April 1, 2018 in Savage, MN. We provide lawn mowing and related services in the south metropolitan area of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. 
Lawncare since 2018


MOWING: Our standard mowing service includes: mowing, trimming, and clearing clippings from sidewalk, patios, and driveways. For an additional charge, we will pickup grass clippings using your yard waste bin or yard bags. We will use our own equipment.
SPRING/FALL YARD CLEANUP: We are happy to clear your yard of leaves and yard debris in the Spring and Fall. 
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: In addition to mowing we also offer additional yard-related services. Theses include, but are not limited to:
  • minor fence and deck repair
  • power washing fences, decks, etc...
  • underground sprinkler head replacement and adjustments
  • small-scale landscaping projects
  • small-scale painting projects
  • moving or hauling larger items


MOWING: While we will need to provide a quote to determine our exact price to mow your yard, we expect that our basic lawn service will start at $40 per visit for an average-sized (up to 1/4 acre) suburban lawn. Larger lawns will be a bit more and bagging clippings will include an additonal pre-agreed-upon charge. Discounts off this starting price are available for pre-payment of four or more visits. Please see below for this and other discounts.
SPRING/FALL YARD CLEANUP or ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Please give us a call if you are interested in yard clean up or any additional services and we can arrange to stop out and provide a quote.

Incentives & Discounts

To begin the 2018 season, we are happy to offer the following incentives and discounts:

  • 10% off for pre-payment for four or more visits.
  • 10% off your next four visits for referring a neighbor.
  • 20% neighborhood discount (if you are close enough to hear our dog barking at 6am, you have earned a discount).

Discounts cannot be combined.